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We organize kayak and canoe trips
on all rivers in Poland

Kayak routes in Poland

Both beginners and experienced canoeists will find a route suiting their skills. Owing to a tremendous diversity of routs you can choose from peaceful or turbulent rivers with fallen trees, protruding branches and stones. Let us invite those of you who start a canoeing adventure for picturesque rivers with calm currents and experienced tourists for more challenging rivers with mountain currents in some parts.


Mazurian Region

In the Mazurian Region there is not only a possibility to make a kayak tour but also you can have a day or two at sailing at the Mazurian Lakes or make a trip by rented  bikes, sightseeing and admiring beautiful wild nature.

Rivers to float at the Mazurian region:

Kashubian Region

In the Kaszubian Region there is not only a possibility to make a kayak tour but also you can  make a trip by rented  bikes, sightseeing and admiring beautiful wild nature.Forests and lakes scattered amidst post-glacial hills make this region particularly attractive.The most captivating part of the region is the Kashubian Lakeland with rivers convenient for kayaking and lakes suitable for sailing.The Kashubian region is famous for its folk art, especially for handicrafts. The Kashubian folk culture can be best admired in the open-air ethnographic park at Wdzydze Kiszewskie.The region offers a great number of folklore events including fairs and folk art shows. Interesting ceramic ware and other folk art products can be seen and purchased at Chmielno.


Rivers to float at the Kashubian region:

Drawskie Lakeland

he town of Czaplinek and the neighboring towns in Drawskie Lakeland are situated in a typical glacial landscape, with romantic forests, virgin meadows, fields and narrow rivers, charming hills and clean lake waters. Calmness and resting, hiking and bicycle journeys, fishing, horse riding, watching birds - these are only some of the neighborhood's attractions.

There are more than 250 lakes in Drawskie Lakeland. Our waters give our fishers a chance to catch: pike, eel, bream, pikeperch, carp, tench or perch. The greatest attractions is the Drawko Lake (1872 ha), the second deepest lake in the country (83 m) with numerous bays, peninsulas and islands, among which Bielawa Island is the most majestic. For fans of resting under sails we recommend renting sailing equipment, and for the beginners we'll organize sailing lessons on yachts or windsurfing boards.
Here one of the most beautiful polish canoe routes begins, Drawa River Route named after Cardinal Karol Wojtyła. Drawa River has incredible tourist-nature values, an evidence of which may be it's protection in it's full length. Beautiful terrains surrounding Czaplinek are a first-class place for organizing horse rallies, the forests will surely tempt all nature lovers with it's richness of animals and ground cover. Well planned nature paths, cycling ways and tourist routes provide limitless possibilities of cultivating active tourism. Main cycle ways are Lobeliowe Jeziora, Zaklęty Trójkšt, Dolina Pięciu Jezior, Dobrzyca.

Rivers to float at the Drawskie Lakeland:

Pomeranian Region

The region of Pojezierza Poludniowobałtyckie (Southern Baltic Lakes) covers the area of 77 thousand sq km, which constitutes 25 percent of Poland’s territory. The landscape of the region is dominated by hills,  cut through by valleys and numerous rivers. A number of big rivers, which flow straight to the Baltic Sea,  have their source in the region (Rega, Parseta, Wieprza, Slupia, Lupawa, Leba). Another characteristic feature of Pojezierza Poludniowobaltyckie is the multitude of postglacial lakes, the biggest among them are: Jeziorak, Goplo, Koronowskie, Wdzydze, Charzykowskie.

Greater part of this region is covered by forests. The Lakeland District has also a considerable number of protected areas, which preserve the relatively unchanged and most valuable areas.

The region of the Southern Baltic Lakeland District is divided into 12 macroregions, mostly Lakeland Districts: West Pomeranian, East Pomeranian, South Pomeranian, Ilawa, Chelminsko-Dobrzynski, Wielkopolsko-Kujawski, Lubuski and Leszczynski. Remaining regions are: the Valley of the Lower Vistula River, Pradolina Torunsko-Eberswaldzka, Pradolina Warciansko-Odrzanska and Wzniesienia Zielonogorskie.

Rivers to float at the Pomeranian Lakeland:


Suwalszczyzna invites you for spending the free time in the picturesque area - The Suwałki Landscape Park. Neighborhood is full of charms and the attractions: Augustów, Ełk, Wigry, Olecko, Sejny. Suwalszczyzna is tempting with it natural advantages. The clear atmosphere, transparent waters of lakes and rivers and extensive forests attract a large number of tourists seeking the respite from the urban tumult. Farm tourism on Suwalszczyzna is giving the possibility of spending the free time at very profitable prices. Please look at with our offer. Suwalszczyzna is waiting for you.

Rivers to float at the Suwalszczyzna:

Żuławy near Gdańsk

The Baltic Coast and Pomeranian Lake District is closed from the east by the valley of the lower Vistula with the historic towns of Chelmno, Grudziadz, Gniew and Tczew, as well as its delta region called Zulawy Wislane. The land is used mainly for growing wheat, sugar beet and fodder crops, or raising cattle. The landscape is melancholy with a unique atmosphere. Further to the southwest are the Tucholskie Bory with the "L. Wyczolkowski Yew Forest" [Cisy Staropolskie], a preserve area. Among old pines, oaks, lindens, hornbeams and beeches there are about 4000 yews.

Obviously there are no longer any aurochs or wild ponies in the forests, but there are roe-deer, hares, wild boars, stags and a much fowl. In the Tucholskie Forest and in the region of Szczecinek, Lebork and Bialogard there is even the black goose. A hunter is a hunter, but anyone who hunts with a tape recorder may hear the call of a stag and perhaps the song of the forest's most charming singer, the thrush.

Rivers to float at the Żuławy Gdańskie:





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