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We organize kayak and canoe trips
on all rivers in Poland

5 days kayak trip LUX on Krutynia 2018, accommodation in cottages + meals

Super canoeing on the river Krutynia for all busy ones!
- the most beautiful and most popular canoe route in Poland.

Terminy spływów sezon 2018:

13.07 - 17.07 ; 20.07 - 24.07 ; 27.07 - 31.07 ; 03.08 - 07.08; 10.08 - 14.08  

symbol K3

Cena spływu:

nocleg w domkach - 710 zł / os.

nocleg w namiotach (namiot 2 osobowy w cenie) - 650 zł / os


 It combines the wildness of nature with well prepared route for demanding people(showers, toilet, bars).
Kayaking is the perfect way to rest from everyday hustle and bustle of the city. It's also a great opportunity to meet many interesting people with similar interests. Many participants for years spent their holidays in kayaks on the trail Krutynia.
Kayak trips are organised in groups of 20 people.



DAY 1 (Monday) Participants arrive to SW PTTK in Sorkwity. Accommodation from 16.00,
Introduction to the guide, schedule runoff.
DAY 2 (Tuesday) Learning how to use kayaking equipment; kayak trip on route: SW PTTK Sorkwity – SW PTTK Bieńki – 16 km.
DAY 3 (Wednesday)  kayak trip on route: SW PTTK Bieńki – SW PTTK Babięta – 10 km.
DAY 4 (Thursday)  kayak trip on route: SW PTTK Babięta – SW PTTK Spychowo – 11 km.
DAY 5 (Friday) kayak trip on route: SW PTTK Spychowo - OTW PTTK Zgon - 9 km.
 After dinner back to SW PTTK Zgon by minibus.



- Accommodation Attractively located properties by the route. Camping houses,cat.2,3,4 pers. Participants sleep in their own sleeping bags. Bed linen can be hired.
- Meals

Two meals a day - breakfast + packed lunch and dinner on the road, except for the first day on Friday - dinner and last day on Tuesday breakfast and lunch.

- Kayaks

2-person polyethylene kayaks Gannet  or 3-pers.Canoe

- Pilot is present on the route, establishes a timetable
- Luggage transport Between accommodation places, does not include large and unhandy items such as:
umbrellas, beach chairs, etc.
- Insurance
NNW  10.000 PLN.




-Carring of kayaks 

On the trail, you can take advantage of the paid trolley or assistance
- Fees for showers In watertowers

The organizer reserves the right to change the date of the trip (by prior arrangement), in the absence of a minimum number of participants - 12 people!






Quick internet reservation

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or call 0048 601 655 896

No free terms.

Infolines +48 601 211 141+48 601 655 896

If you have any doubts or hesitations concerning canoeing rally routes we are always at your disposal.
info@kajaki.pl or biuro@kajaki.pl

tel. +48  691 211 141


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