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We organize kayak and canoe trips
on all rivers in Poland

The best rivers in Poland


 This year We especially recommend :

  - BRDA - nice and beautiful river with many attractions and natural values, ensures sections for beginners and experienced kayakers, read more :>>

- DRAWA - for some it is the most interesting river in Poland. Flows through the National Park which provides encounter with wild nature, read more:>>>

- KRUTYNIA -  beautiful views accompanied by aquatic adventure, The most popular canoe trip in Poland, read more>>>

- CZARNA HA?CZA - Beautiful and peaceful river. Ideal for people who want to silence and rest read more>>>

How to organise  tour in 2022?

kajaki-zulawy.jpg How to prepare your kayak trip in Poland:

1. First: You have to choose the river or region 

2. Inform us which river did You choose, tell when You want to paddle and how many kayaks  You need. You can do this by e-mail info@kajaki.pl

After having fixed details ( the number of kaykas, start and finish date, the meeting place, prices, and the cost of deposit) we will send you an  agreement with all details.

4. In the meantime, prepare a list of needed items for your trip. remember that you have to be prepared for any weather. camping equipment will be necessary )

On the start day come to the starting-point. There our representative will be waiting for you with the ordered equipment and enjoy Your kayak trip!

KAJAKI.PL 25 years of experience!

kajaki-integracja.jpg Company KAJAKI.PL in the canoeing environment has been running for 20 YEARS! During this period we have become experience, so act fast, efficient and friendly to ours customers.


Self guided kayak tours

kajaki-wynajem.jpg You can choice any river and any start place in north Poland and we will deliver our kayaks to this place for you. Indyvidual trip gives you a lot of time for watching nature, taking photos and relaxing. It will let you to travel through area coverd by reeds, beaver loges, virgin forest and small villages where the stork is still common bird.


Our new kayaks offer


We runs organised canoe tours on same most beautiful lakes and water highways in Poland.

More >>>

Krutynia De LUX - all in ;-)

kajaki-splywy-kajakowe.jpgKrutynia is believed to be one of the most interesting of Europe's low-lying routs. The route is very exciting, varied and picturesque. Attractiveness of this route is... More>>> 

Our rental bases :

BRDA - brda@kajaki.pl  

SZKARPAWA i NOGAT - nogat@kajaki.pl

DRAWA - drawa@kajaki.pl


HANCZA i  ROSPUDA -  hancza@kajaki.pl

SAPINA i WEGORAPA -  sapina@kajaki.pl 

BIEBRZA                   -  biebrza@kajaki.pl


SZKARPAWA i TUGA - tuga@kajaki.pl

KANAL ELBASKI - pochylnie@kajaki.pl 

PIASNICA i REDA -  reda@kajaki.pl

RADUNIA - radunia@kajaki.pl



KRUTYNIA - krutynia@kajaki.pl 

LYNA - lyna@kajaki.pl

MARÓZKA - marozka@kajaki.pl

OMULEW - omulew@kajaki.pl

DRWECA - drweca@kajaki.pl


LITWA - litwa@kajaki.pl


INNE TRASY  - info@kajaki.pl


Price list 2021

vista pionowo.gif

Kayak polyethylene 2 persons :

from 88 PLN  - 99 PLN/1 day


Canoe for 3 persons:
from 98 PLN  - 99 PLN/1 ?day

  +costs of transport

Rivers we recommend :

Krutynia - 490km from border
Brda - 250km from border
Drawa - 160km from border

Pi?awa - 189 km from border

?yna - 400 km from border

Kayaks with guarantee!!

While renting a kayak made of polyethylene at our company, you have 100% guarantee, that it won't become damaged - even at severe rivers.


If you want to recive interesting informations - send your e-mail

Kaszuby: Brda | Chocina | K?onecznica | Prusina | Wda | Zbrzyca
Mazury: Dajna and Guber | Drw?ca | Ko?na | Krutynia | ?yna | Marzka | Omulew | Pisa Warmi?ska - Dadaj - Wd?g  | Sapina
Pojezierze Drawskie: Drawa | Gwda | Korytnica | Pi?awa | Rurzyca | We?na
Pomorze: ?eba | ?upawa and Bukowina | Pars?ta | Radunia | Rega | S?upia | Wieprza | Wierzyca and Wietcisa
Suwalszczyzna: Biebrza | Czarna Ha?cza | Rospuda
?u?awy near Gda?sk: Elbl?ski Chanel | Nogat
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