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splywy kajakowe
We organize kayak and canoe trips
on all rivers in Poland


office - 00 48  691 211 141

Tomasz +48 601 945 219   Mariusz +48 601 655 896


                                                                   mp.jpg Tomasz Plitnik  

   Joanna - kayaks, kanus reservation

Tomasz - bonding events, kayak reservation
Mariusz - marketing & advertisement, kayak reservation

 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- M. Panek, T. Plitnik s. c.

ul. Armii Krajowej 116a/54

 81 -808 SOPOT
tel 0048 601 655 896
NIP 585-14-04-237, REGON 193012631

Account :
  Volkswagen Bank direct 

nr konta: 70 2130 0004 2001 0579 7170 0001  SWIFT number (BIC):INGBPLPW

IBAN PL70 2130 0004 2001 0579 7170 0001 

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- kajaki_pl1.jpg
About us

Active Turistics Office KAJAKI.PL has been created by: Mariusz Panek and Tomasz Plitnik. We've been  organizing

kayak tours since the and of 80's - at the begining for ourselves and our friends, later the range of our clients extended.

At the moment our team join together 4 people working in the office in Sopot, 6 people operating kayak tours

in the site and tens of pilots working in the summer season.

We dispose over 350  poliethylene kayaks  and canoes. We provide also necessary

specialistic transport and huge experience. We operate all of the rivers in the northern Poland,

from Mazury and Suwalszczyzna along Pomorze and Bory Tucholskie to Drawskie Lakeland and rivers at Litwa and Lotwa.

Every year we attend in the most important turistic fairs. You can meet us at fair Wind & Water, Glob Katowice,

 Turistic Fair in Gdańsk, Fair Summer in Warsaw.

With our clients we establish friendly relations, after participating in the tour organised

 by our company even once You became our REGULAR CUSTOMER and get beneficial rabat.


If you have any doubts don't hesitate to contact us:

Our bases



Swornegacie / Zanie Wielkie 2 (N 53 867808 ,
E 17  477777)

You can get there by road from Chojnice or Kościerzyna. When You get to Swornegacie You should turn to place called Wielkie Zanie ( the turn is next to the post office and small shop, You should leave the lake on the opposite site). When You make a turn You should drive this road for about 2km. First there is good road but later it’s becoming just simple road in the forest.

Our base is in agro tourist farm owned by Jażdżewski family . You can leave there safely your car (10zł/day/car), do some camping in tents or spend a night in the gests rooms.


 Lubowo1.jpgŁubowo Kościuszki 17 ( 

53.587712,  E16.394491 )    
You can get there form Czaplinek or Szczecinek by road number 20. If You are heading from Szczecinek in Łubowo You should turn right just at the beginning of the village and go in the direction of the lake (if You are going from Czaplinek at the end of the village turn left). Agro tourist farm owned by Gajdasik family it’s our base. It’s next to the main road. You can leave safely Your car there (10zł/day/car), put some tents or spend night in gests housesls.




Baza Augustów

Buda Ruska 2, 16-503 Krasnopol - GPS: 54°03'56.0"N+23°10'59.3"E 

Pojezierze Augustowskie 

Directions from Suwalki - direction to Sejny (Route 653) 18 km behind Suwalki turn on Pogorzelec and Maćkowa Ruda at Buda Ruska - the first buildings on the right is our base - campsite - Bend. There sheds, toilet, shower, cottages and sauna (banya) on the banks of the Black Hańcza

Ability to safely leave the car (10 zł / auto / day) 


Infolines +48 601 211 141+48 601 655 896

If you have any doubts or hesitations concerning canoeing rally routes we are always at your disposal. or

tel. +48  691 211 141


Price list 2019

vista pionowo.gif

Kayak polyethylene 2 persons :

from 1 to 3 days – 39 PLN/1 day
from 4 to 8 days – 30 PLN/1 day
more than 8 days – 28 PLN/1 day


Canoe for 3 persons:
Old-Town-Saranac-146-2.jpgfrom 1 to 3 days – 49 PLN/1 day
from 4 to 8 days – 40 PLN/1 day
more than 8 days – 38 PLN/1 day

+costs of transport

Kaszuby: Brda | Chocina | Kłonecznica | Prusina | Wda | Zbrzyca
Mazury: Dajna and Guber | Drwęca | Kośna | Krutynia | Łyna | Marózka | Omulew | Pisa Warmińska - Dadaj - Wdąg  | Sapina
Pojezierze Drawskie: Drawa | Gwda | Korytnica | Piława | Rurzyca | Wełna
Pomorze: Łeba | Łupawa and Bukowina | Parsęta | Radunia | Rega | Słupia | Wieprza | Wierzyca and Wietcisa
Suwalszczyzna: Biebrza | Czarna Hańcza | Rospuda
Żuławy near Gdańsk: Elbląski Chanel | Nogat
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