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We organize kayak and canoe trips
on all rivers in Poland

Indyvidual kayaking and canoing at Rega river


Kayak tour at Rega river lasts on average 6-7 days, every day you swim about 20 km. You will need to carry your kayak about two times a day (in every bigger city) but there are no problems with camping sites. We especially recommend the camping site behind the brigde betwen Loboz and Unimie - shed, benches, place for camp-fire and everything for free. You can have a walk by the lake Chełm (1/2 h) to watch a syberian cottage. Behind the bridge there is only one a little bit harder part of the river - stronger stream. It is worth to stay for one day by the lake near Smolecino. River flows into the sea in Mrzeżyno, but you can swim through the chanel of Stara Rega (Old Rega) to the lagon lake Resko (unfortunately three places to carry the kayak). You can have a camping at the jacht marina or at the arm of the river which link the lake with the sea.

6-days kayak tour


1st day: Łobez - Łagiewniki / 23 km
2nd day: Łagiewniki - ?erzyno / 16 km
3rd day: ?ęrzyno - Barkowo / 19 km
4th day: Barkowo - ujście Lubiszowej / 14 km
5th day: ujście Lubiszowej - Kłodkowo / 13 km
6th day: Kłodkowo - Mrzeżyno / 21,5 km



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If you have any doubts or hesitations concerning canoeing rally routes we are always at your disposal.
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tel. +48  691 211 141


Price list 2019

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Kayak polyethylene 2 persons :

from 1 to 3 days – 39 PLN/1 day
from 4 to 8 days – 30 PLN/1 day
more than 8 days – 28 PLN/1 day


Canoe for 3 persons:
Old-Town-Saranac-146-2.jpgfrom 1 to 3 days – 49 PLN/1 day
from 4 to 8 days – 40 PLN/1 day
more than 8 days – 38 PLN/1 day

+costs of transport

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