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We organize kayak and canoe trips
on all rivers in Poland

Individual kayak tour at Drawa river

Kayak tour at Drawa is recommended for experienced canoeists.

2-3 days kayak tour

Remember that camping in the National Park of Drawa is allowded only in the specially marked places , you also need to have the ticket to entre the Park (you can buy it in Drawno.

You can start your adventure with Drawa in Czaplinek:

1st day: Czaplinek- Rzepowo /14km
2nd day: Rzepowo - Rzęśnica /15km
3rd day: Rzęśnica - Drawsko Pomorskie /14km
To Czaplinek you can get by bus PKS from Drawsko Pomorskie (about 30km). If you travel by car, you can leave it safely next to our friendly Mr Gajdasik household in the nearby village Łubowo. From there, our driver will take the minimum of drivers with kayaks to Czaplinek.

DrawaFor a short kayak tour we also propose:

1st day: Prostynia - Rościn / 6km.
2nd day: Rościn - Drawno (Stanica Wodna) /10 km.
3rd day: Drawno - Baranimie /11 km
To Prostynia you can get by bus PKS from Starogard Szczeciński (about 35km).

If you travel by car we propese to choose another variant of the route:

1st day: Drawno - Baranimie /11 km
2nd day: Barnimie - Bogdanka /10 km
3rd day: Bogdanka - Pstrąg /15 km
In Drawno you can leave your car at the car park next to the camp site. At the end of the kayak tour we will take the minimum of the drivers to their cars.


8-9 days kayak tourDrawa

Proposed route is:

1st day: Prostynia - Rościn / 6km.
2nd day: Rościn - Drawno (Stanica Wodna) /10 km.
3st day: Drawno - Baranimie /11 km
4th day: Barnimie - Bogdanka /10 km
5th day: Bogdanka - Pstrąg /15 km
6th day: Pstrąg - Stare Osieczno /11 km
7th day: Stare Osieczno - Przeborowo /16 km
8th day: Przeborowo - Krzyż /10 km

Fees for the provision of land DNP: :

Let us remember that camping in the DNP (section Drawno - Stare Osieczno) is only allowed on marked campsites, are also valid passes to the park!

Using the
ecosystem of the river Drava
from Monday to Sunday 9:00-19:00: charge 6zł/osoba/dzień
During the period from 01.07 to 15.09 fee for camping are as follows:
- Stay at the camp, Mon-Thu 7zł person / night, Fri-Sun 14zł person / night
- Tent, Mon-Thu 5zł person/Day, Fri-Sun 8zł pcs. / Day
During the period from 01.01. and from 30.06 to 16.09 to 30.12 charges are as follows:
- Stay at the camp, Mon-Sun 7zł person / night
- Tent, Mon-Sun 5zł person/Day
Entrance / parking of vehicles on site camping:
In the period 01.01-31.12 Monday to Sunday:
- Car 8zł pcs. / Day
- Motorcycle 4zł pcs. / Day
- Truck  10zł pcs. / Day
- Motorhome 10zł pcs. / Day

can be purchased only at the Tourist Information Points of DPN upon payment of a cash payment. If the deposit to the bank account of DPN (BGK O / Szczecin 29113011760022 212236200008), tickets can be picked up only in the Tourist Information Point - Harbour Water in Drawno upon presentation of proof of payment and signed acknowledgment of receipt.


Attractions at the route:

-View Park of Drawa
- National Park of Drawa
- Virgin Forests of Drawa
- Reserves "Drawski Matecznik", "Tragankowe Urwisko"
- hydro-electric power station Kamienna
- water mills from XIX cRuins of Joanit's castle from about 1360 in Stare Drawsko
- ruins of castle from  XIII/XIV century in Złocieniec
- fragment of castle walls from XIV centuryon Zamkowa Mountain in Drawno
- rococo style palace in the village Drawsko
- palace-park cluster from XIX century in Dalewo
- 8-hectare park full of unique trees in Suliszewo
- neogotic church in Rzepowo
- remainings of Monastery Fortressby the lake Krosino (nowadays unavailable for tourists military training object)
- military training ground - completeban of entering - available only after getting pemittion tel.094/367 40 00



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Price list 2019

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Kayak polyethylene 2 persons :

from 1 to 3 days – 39 PLN/1 day
from 4 to 8 days – 30 PLN/1 day
more than 8 days – 28 PLN/1 day


Canoe for 3 persons:
Old-Town-Saranac-146-2.jpgfrom 1 to 3 days – 49 PLN/1 day
from 4 to 8 days – 40 PLN/1 day
more than 8 days – 38 PLN/1 day

+costs of transport

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