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We organize kayak and canoe trips
on all rivers in Poland

Individual kayak tour at Pisa Warmińska - Dadaj - Wdąg river

0,0 You start Your tour in Dadaj, small village on the east from Ramsowo. First part of the trail goes trough Dadaj lake (surface 9,75 km², max.deep 40 m). This is one of the biggest lakes on Pojezierze Olsztyńskie, Besides hale very interesting shoreline. On the lake You should keep it’s right side, pass the peninsula, After that You should change Your course on south. If You are heading farther alongside the right bank You will pass 3 small island.
pisa_rzeka.jpgYou are looking for some challenges You can start Your tour in Biskupiec with river Dymer –trough the Kraksy lake and than reaching Dadaj lake.Tere is possibility of spending night in pension "Słoneczny Stok" – heading from Biskupiec to Rukławki or in hotel "Star Dadaj" – driving from the route Olsztyn - Mrągowo
  7,0 Heading to the narrowest point of the lake You will find estuary Dadaj river. The stream is rather lazy at this point and You will paddle now mostly among reeds.
8,5 After passing few bridges You will enter the forest. River is much more shallow, stream gets faster. There are more places with rocks on the bottom and shallow banks.

      10,5Klimkowo, power station in old mill, befor that there is a backwater. ! About 100m carriage on the right bank. After about 1 km there is a river bar, You need to carry Your kayak again. Next there is a bridge, on the right side there is a road to Tumiany.
      12,0 You are reaching Tumiańskie lake (surface 1,17 km², max deep 17 m). You should go alongside right bank, through the reeds there is connection to the next channel.You can spęd night on Camping Tumiany  - camping place, summer houses, bar
Lake (surface 2,30 km², max deep 25 m), it Has very interesting shoreline mostly covered by the forests. When You get to this lake You should heading on the opposite side of it. On the left side You should pass the island, if You go farther close to the right side of the lake You should find the estuary.
Estuary of Pisa Warmińska. At the beginning the river winds among soppy forests. Stream
is calm, only sometimes goes faster. Then the forest finish- start some bushes and finally there is only open space- it’s a sign that You are reaching Barczewo. On the way there is possibility to stay for night in Zalesie

Barczewo, about 7,5 thousand citizens, located in 1364 r. It was named after second world war, after priest Walenty Barczewski, who fought for those terrains to be Polish. In 1877 in Barczewo was born Feliks Nowowiejski, compositor, created melody to „Rota”. Very important part of the history of this city is penal institute, in which was situated till his dead in1896 Erich Koch.
In the city You should get to stone stairs and You need to carry Your kayak about 300m to Kiermas channel, which is connected to Pisa Warmińska. You should be careful with putting kayaks back to the water because the stream is very strong.
24,5 Bridge on the route Olsztyn – Mrągowo. The stream is getting slower but in some places it’s getting stronger. You will pass different wieves like fields, meadows, high banks covered by forest. Before the estuary river to lake there is flagged camping place.
31,5 Wadąg Lake(surface 4,65 km², max deep 35,5 m). because of the size of this lake there is big possibility that there are going to be waves on the surface. You should paddle close to left shore and than turn left to the bay, on the end o it there is estuary to the river.
You can stay for a night on the camping Trzcinowa Dolina  - tents camping
36,0 From the lake there goes Wadąg river. After 2km You will reach Wadąg village. You can catch there bus to Olsztyn so it’s quite good place to finish Your tour. There is power station on the river and You have to carry Your kayak on the right bank through the property of the power station, putting kayaks back to the water can be trouble because of high bank. Next part of the river has many swift currents.
40,0On the right bank village Kieźliny. Another carriage of kayaks because of power station, the best place on the right bank. After Power station the steam is getting faster, both banks of the river covered with forest. Some obstacles in the water like rocks, and wind-fallen trees. After some time the stream is getting slower and finally it disappears.  
45,0 You are reaching man-made lake on the power station Łyna, where Wadąg river is connecting with Łyna. There is a road connected to the power station so it’s a good place to finish the tour. 
Tour for 3 days
1.J.Dadaj - Tumiany( 13km )
2.Tumiany -Wadąg ( 17 km )
3. Wadąg - Dywity  ( 21 km )
You can continue Your tour on Łyna river, his is proposition for the next 4 days:
1. Dywity - Kłódka  (23 km )
2. Kłódka - Dobre Miasto ( 17km )
3. Dobre Miasto - Stryjkowo (  21km )
4. Stryjkowo - Lidzbark Warmiński ( 20 km) 
Places to sleep on the trail:
1. Dadaj  Lake
2.Tumiany -  0 602 757 481
3. OśrodekZalesie s.c.

11-010 Barczewo, Zalesie 12 Recepcja - Tel/Fax 089 514 82 41 Tel. kom. 606 30 63 44 (indiwidual reservation) -Wadąg
4. - camping Dywity

5. - Dobre Miasto


 pisa2.jpg pisa3.jpg
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